Dixon|James Communications Spins Off The Rebranding Experts As Separate Entity

CHICAGO, IL (PRWEB) May 24, 2017 Dixon|James Communications has spun off its growing rebranding specialty team into a separate entity - The Rebranding Experts - allowing it to more directly market its services to those companies and organizations interested in a rebranding business strategy to accelerate growth. The specialty team was launched in 2012 with the rebranding of The British Home as Cantata Adult Life Services and has supported multiple rebrandings since. The team just assisted electronics repair company UEG to rebrand as ReUp as it grows from a business-to-business focus to add direct-to-consumer repair and trade-in service via “We have seen a steady i

The 7 Deadly Sins of Rebranding

A nice follow up to the 10 Commandments to Successful Rebranding might be the 7 Deadly Sins that are sure to sabotage even the greatest rebranding effort. Our experience at The Rebranding Experts identifies these missteps that are sure to limit your success: Not embracing the full potential of rebranding. This is your chance to embrace the future, not just bring your organization into the present day. This is your chance to re-envision the future, strategize growth and new revenue streams. It is so much more than a new name or logo. Your new brand should give you the elasticity to experience unrestrained growth. Failing to be aspirational now will only require you to revisit this process whe

The 10 Commandments of Rebranding

We believe rebranding is the deliberate and systematic process of creating an inspired, forward-facing organization ready to grasp opportunity through the alignment and dynamic portrayal of your unique differentiators to stakeholders. Rebranding is resetting your core promise to customers, the reason you exist, your brand essence. It is your chance to embrace the future, not just bring your organization into the present day. We offer these 10 Commandments to Successful Rebranding to ensure that your rebranding initiative delivers its greatest potential: Use rebranding to accelerate growth. Big changes should deliver big outcomes. Plan strategically and opportunistically to revive your busin

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