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10 Key Measures For Your Rebranding Initiative

rebranding return on investment

How do you measure the success of the rebranding of a company or organization? What measurable outcomes do you design into the rebranding effort from the start?

Working with clients to rebrand their organizations we’ve found it important to both evaluate the outputs of the initiative (how strong and effective are the new brand elements) and the outcome as well (are we increasing sales). These 10 measures can be used as a scoreboard to assign a report card like letter grade and shared with management to support and reinforce the effectiveness of the rebranding initiative.

Initiative Output

  1. Is the new brand essence discernable, ownable, differentiating, deliverable and does it provide opportunity for growth?

  2. Does the brand name convey a differentiating value, allow for a differentiating customer story?

  3. Does the new logo tell a story or visually reinforce the brand essence?

  4. Does the new graphic identity convey the brand tone?

  5. Do the messages provide clarity, educate, and inspire action?

  6. Do employees deliver the brand promise in its unique tone, communications and behaviors?

  7. Is there a differentiating service behavior that customers know we own?

  8. Do marketing efforts (website, social media, printed pieces, ads, PR, etc.) consistently convey the brand identity, tone and message?


  1. Does the rebrand inspire new visibility in the marketplace that attracts prospective customer interest?

  2. Is the rebrand delivering a measurable sales increase?

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