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Nonprofit Organizations, It Is Your Chance To Rebrand...For Free

Firm offers free rebranding exercise to worthy nonprofit organization

Rebranding Experts, the only firm established and purposefully designed to help organization rebrand successfully, will offer one U.S. nonprofit organization a complimentary rebranding exercise to accelerate its growth. The firm will provide the selected organization with a custom designed new branding platform to include: a new name, brand essence, tagline, and logo, along with execution and rollout guidance. 


“Many charitable organizations struggle with names and brands that are outdated and no longer accurately reflect the good work they are accomplishing in the community,” says Jim Heininger, Founder|Principal of Rebranding Experts who established the firm in 2017. “We know firsthand from our client work the positive, accelerating effect a rebranding can have for mission-based organizations. To celebrate our years of success we want to pay it forward with a complimentary new brand exercise for one well-deserving organization.” 


Interested non-profit organizations can nominate themselves on the registration form or by emailing for more information. 


Deadline for submissions is Friday, April 29, 2023 and should include (in one pdf document):


  • A written appeal as to why the organization would benefit from a rebranding (maximum 1,000 words)

  • 501c3 status verification 

  • Current mission statement, vision, values 

  • Historical review of the agency’s work and outcomes 

  • Sample marketing materials (pdfs) 

  • Previous year financial statement (optional)

Any organization submitting a nomination should have its board of directors’ agreement on the need to rebrand the organization. 

The Rebranding Experts team will evaluate all entries with representatives of its non-profit clients against the following criteria: 

  • Outdated nature of current brand versus organization’s outcomes 

  • The positive contribution rebranding will have on the organization’s future growth 

  • Agency’s lack of resources to pursue a rebranding initiative on its own 


The rebranding package will include the following elements and is estimated at more than $75,000 in professional services fees and production costs: 

  • Interviews with key stakeholders 

  • Proposed brand promise and platform 

  • Proposed new name, tagline and key marketing message 

  • New logo and brand visual identity direction 

  • Website redesign direction 

  • Guidance on how to implement the rebranding effort 


Winners will be announced by July 2023.

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