Engaged Leadership Necessary for Successful Rebranding

#1 predictor of rebranding success? Engaged leadership who embody the new brand. 3 Tips to Engage Leadership in Successful Rebranding Academic research documents the most important contributor to successful rebranding is LEADERSHIP. Leadership of the effort and executive leadership engaged in the rebranding. Use these 3 techniques to successfully engage leadership: One: Brand Building 101 To authentically support the rebranding, leaders must fully appreciate key branding principles and the value a brand contributes to organizational success. Brand Building 101 Equip leaders with branding fundamentals, plus the words and relevant illustrations of powerful brands. Two: Embody the Rebrand Value

10 Commandments of Rebranding

#rebrand #rebranding Rebranding an organization is a time and resource intensive endeavor. To ensure your success, follow these principles: Use rebranding to accelerate growth. Update your brand promise. Revisit your mission statement and vision too. Give your new brand elasticity. Engage leadership from the start. Rebrand from the top down, and inside out. Seize the opportunity to initiate cultural changes that reinforce new on-brand behaviors. Utilize change management principles to align understanding and support. Align all communications and actions behind the new brand. Formally launch your new brand. And the Golden Rule of rebranding: Be aspirational, embrace the future.

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