Engaging Leadership In Rebranding Success

Academic research documents the most important contributor to successful rebranding is LEADERSHIP. Leadership of the effort and executive leadership engaged in the rebranding.

Use these 3 techniques to successfully engage leadership:

One: Brand Building 101 To authentically support the rebranding, leaders must fully appreciate key branding principles and the value a brand contributes to organizational success. Brand Building 101 Equip leaders with branding fundamentals, plus the words and relevant illustrations of powerful brands.

Two: Embody the Rebrand Values and Message Leaders must actively communicate their support and display “on-brand behaviors.” Execs must convey the importance of rebranding and purposefully ask employees to embrace the change.

Three: Utilize Leadership Action Plans Use a disciplined plan that “evolves” their messages and visible commitments over time. Meet regularly and practice their message delivery.

Approach the process with discipline and you are more likely to set a solid foundation for future growth and expansion.

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