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Digital Agency Growth Podcast on Rebranding

rebranding specialist

Jim Heininger joins Dan Englander of Sales Schema on its popular podcast Digital Agency Growth. Listed to the full discussion here.

"Many folks are nervous about making the decision to rebrand. They know what they don't know. No one internally has gone through this before, most likely. They want to make sure that they've got somebody who's done this on a regular basis, knows the pitfalls, knows the right decisions to make. And we have a very first conversation that we have with that can, you know can dive into a variety of different subjects, everything from trademarking and the process that you have to go through there, to taking it to the marketplace and all that. There are well over 300 things that normally a company needs to update as part of a new brand name. And that just immediately has them going “Okay. You guys know what you're talking about.”

And the good news is for us, is that the new business process, therefore is not very competitive. Because if they know they need an expert that does this, they talk to us, they'll normally just say, give us a proposal for this work, and then it's just determining how they balance the needs of their internal resources. If they've got another agency on board, do they play a role in this whole thing or not? But we're not competing for the work because they come into our box and realize that's what we specialize in. And there's a clear difference than what we see from other agencies.”


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