Should I Announcement My Rebranding In Advance?

Best practices in rebranding suggest that you not share your rebranding plans in advance as it invites questions and scrutiny that may sideline your efforts and disrupt normal business operations. The better strategy is to complete the rebranding process behind the scenes, appropriately polling and engaging important stakeholders in the process, and then make a public announcement as you simultaneously switch all your brand identity elements at once. This SlideShare answers the questions: When is it smart to announce your intent to rebrand before you actually do so? And secondly, how do you need to manage the process differently than keeping the rebranding initiative under wraps?

The Definition of Rebranding

We believe rebranding is the deliberate and systemic process of creating an inspired, forward-facing organization ready to grasp opportunity through the alignment and dynamic portrayal of your unique differentiators to customers. Rebranding is not a marketing strategy, but rather an enterprise-wide strategic growth accelerator. Click on the image to learn more.

Measuring Rebranding Success

We believe that rebranding should always be considered an enterprise wide strategic growth accelerator and not just a marketing strategy. The obvious question then is "how do you measure our success?" When it comes to value realization of a rebranding effort there is research published on what companies that have recently rebranded experience in terms of outcome. For example, our 2015 survey found that rebranding generated increased visibility and revenue growth: 75% believe it resulted in some to moderate improved sales 75% believe it delivered moderate to significant improved visibility and recognition 69% believe it delivered moderate to significant improved differentiation 63% believe it

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