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4 Immediate Outcomes of Rebranding

Rebranding has become an increasingly popular strategy to put a jet pack on a business or organization and revive its growth trajectory. On a daily basis now, there are announcements of businesses, charities, college and professional sports teams, and even communities, changing their names and repositioning in the attempt to be more relevant to stakeholders.

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You can expect your brand and business to be amazingly transformed through rebranding, fostering a new relationship with your customers and unleashing new growth opportunities. But like all branding efforts, it will take time to drive those business results. As we help organizations through a rebranding transformation, eager clients frequently ask “what benefits will we immediately experience after our rebranding?”

The good news is that there are usually several immediate outcomes of the process, ones that you’ll experience internally, that reframe the connection with external stakeholders so you can achieve momentum. Because properly executed rebranding moves from the inside out, and should be fully in place before being launched to external audiences, you can expect to see traction in these four areas:

  1. Clarity. Most rebranding efforts remove ambiguity in the company’s positioning or in-action in previous branding efforts. Done correctly, all employees should be prepped with the new brand promise and language as well as coached with new on-brand behaviors to deliver in customer interactions.

  2. Improved focus. Rebranding helps employees connect the dots in your reason for being and what you mean to customers. By concentrating on your clearly defined competitive advantage you’ll give customers the reason to choose your products or services over others and leave them delighted.

  3. Increased confidence. Helping your employees better embrace your customer promise and articulate that story not only lifts their morale but brightens their perspective on the organization’s future prospects. If you rally them around your new positioning, employee pride will be evident in their performance and how they are perceived externally. The rebranding should communicate leadership’s vision for the future and the path to get there, which is assuring to employees and helps them understand their role in future success.

  4. Acceleration. Aligned and enthused, with clarity and purpose, your business will begin to experience momentum from the inside out.

Watch as these four outcomes take hold and enable you to set a solid foundation for future growth and expansion.

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