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UEG Rebrands as ReUp

Dixon|James' Rebranding Experts has led the rebranding of suburban-Chicago United Electronics Group to ReUp as the long-time B2B electronics repair operation enters the consumer market. ReUp is built on the belief that every customer deserves to have their devices repaired expertly, quickly and for a reasonable cost. When you ReUp, you return your life to the engaged, connected, fully charged state that only your device can deliver.

ReUp repairs, replaces, resells and recycles most consumer electronic devices including cell phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, cameras and music players. IBISWorld estimates the direct-to-consumer repair business at $1B market with 4.9% expected annual growth.

The Rebranding Experts’ comprehensive rebranding support included a new corporate mission and vision, new corporate name ReUp, brand positioning platform as the Electronics Restoration Experts, logo and brand identity, tagline “Where Devices Go To Live,” a newly designed customer experience and marketing materials. ReUp has launched its direct-to-consumer business on a new website

“Company leadership chose an aspirational name and positioning in ReUp which will appeal to consumers and provide further reassurance to their current B2B clients,” said firm founder Jim Heininger. “ReUp is built on the mission that life goes on for every electronic device for as long as that device has value in the

mind of the owner. We’re so excited about this forward-facing positioning and its ability to accelerate the company’s entry into new markets and its growth.

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