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3 Red Flags That Signal You Need to Rebrand

Reasons to Rebrand

There are many reasons companies rebrand, growth should always be the primary motivation. There are many red flags that should indicate that you need to consider a rebranding, perhaps even undertake a rebranding business case to determine the need.

Branding is about differentiating, rebranding is about standing up an entirely new brand, one that will be more successful as conveying those key differentiators. Look for these obvious signals that your brand isn’t working as hard as it should:

You Brand Isn’t Discernably Different From Your Competitors

Your brand is too “me too.” It looks to solve the same problems as your competitors, it doesn’t express a unique capability or approach or talent that produces a different outcome for customers. The experience your customers journey through should reinforce a consistent brand promise. If you complete a SWOT analysis and find that your brand is the same as others, it suggests you need to change up the way you deliver your product or services, and then change your brand.

Your Employees Can’t Tell A Consistent Brand Story

Your employees are your brand. They need to live the brand promise, personality and values every day. If they can’t tell the story with out stammering, looking uncomfortable, then they can’t convince any customer that you are better. We like to simplify it down this simple equation: My Brand = XXX. If they can’t answer that consistently, they aren’t advancing a strong brand story.

A Disjointed Visual Look

Inconsistent application of your name, logo, visual identity components create a jumble in your customer’s mind. These can easily be fixed win a brand refresh, but perhaps they are a mess because your brand itself is challenged.

Completing a rebranding business case requires you to face the hard truth: that you don’t have a brand or that it is not contributing to your business success. Easily fixed by bringing in a rebranding specialist that knows the process for constructing a brand that is forward-facing and can serve as a strategic growth accelerator.



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