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When the External Environment Demands A Brand Change

Sometimes organizations "need" to rebrand: be it a merger/acquisition, new funding, leadership change, or the external environment has evolved and your brand is no longer a promise but a liability. The external factors may not be of your making or in your control, but you need to move quickly on rebranding. A group known by the acronyms ISIS had to rebrand when the terrorist organization became a household name. More recently we've seen Florida Gators QB Anthony Richardson distancing from 'AR-15' nickname and rebranding with the goring safety threat of the automatic rifle by the same name. Harry Potter took a hit too. The sport of quidditch distanced itself from its creator with a new name Quadball citing citing what they called anti-trans positions of Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling.

Though it doesn't happen often, organizations need to be mindful of when their brand takes on this new threat and evaluate the need to move. Read our full story on this topic in Forbes.

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