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Stimulating Growth is Primary Reason for Rebranding

Our latest Rebranding News newsletter tackles the question of why rebrand?

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While there are multiple reasons for rebranding, according to our Rebranding Success Study, creating opportunity for growth is most frequently cited as the rationale followed by lost relevancy of the prior brand. Organizations which rebrand overwhelmingly experience improved visibility and product differentiation while 75 percent experience some to moderate improvement in sales. The study, which includes input from 32 organizations across all industry sectors, finds that aligning internal stakeholders and departments is the biggest challenge to rebranding process success.

“Rebranding – which to some includes brand repositioning, a new graphic identity and even renaming an organization - has become an increasingly common approach to recast relevancy and spur sales as it creates positive news and momentum for an organization.”

Read the full findings of our survey here.


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