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Transform Magazine: Rebranding Experts Worked with BPI Group To Develop New Brand Identity

Chicago-based international brand design agency, Rebranding Experts, worked with BPI Group, a Chicago-based global coaching and outplacement firm, to develop a new brand identity.

The new brand, Bravanti, aims to demonstrate how the firm helps leaders and organisations find the power to lead and be prepared to meet challenges in an uncertain business environment.

The name Bravanti is forged from the words brave and avanti, which means to move forward into the future. Bravanti aims to represent the need to go forward courageously, leading bravely and focusing on igniting bold futures.

“As we all emerge from more than a year of sweeping change, we stand ready to help our clients go courageously forward to face challenges and seize opportunities ahead. Our new name Bravanti – as well as our firm vision, ‘Igniting Bold Futures,’ now reflects the impact we have on our clients, partners and community,” says Bravanti CEO, Susan Gallagher.

The firm’s new logo symbolises an arrow moving forward, the tip signifying the foundation of skills and empowerment that help clients succeed. The eight different coloured triangles represent the brightness, diversity, and inclusivity of successful organisations. The green triangle that breaks away from the arrow, moving forward, aims to represent courageous leadership and, at the same time, belonging, as it points inwards.


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