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Trends in Rebranding: Fear is Fading

Rebranding is an enterprise-wide strategic growth accelerator. The trends we see in rebranding are focused on simplification and transparency.

1. Fear is Fading

Organizations have overcome the fear of rebranding and are embracing its advantages. The number of rebrandings increases each year.

2. “Rebranding” Still Misrepresented

Changing your logo is a brand refresh.

Marketing to new customers is a repositioning.

Changing your name, logo, customer promise and all marketing is a rebrand. Don’t confuse the three.

3. Simplified Names

In a social media driven world, companies are simplifying their names, dropping unnecessary descriptive words and sometimes vowels.

4. App Tile Logos

Likewise, companies are increasingly creating badgelike logos that make good smart device tiles.

5. Untraditional Approaches

Breaking the barriers, some companies are transparent in the process. Others are engaging key stakeholders and crowd sourcing to determine their brand look.

6. Embracing Change Management

Change management is needed to engage and align internal departments behind a new customer experience.


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