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3 Rebranding Blunders To Avoid

3 Rebranding Blunders to Avoid

An unprecedented number of companies are rebranding to gain a differentiated edge. But regretfully not enough rebranding efforts stick or are successful. Avoid these 3 common rebranding blunders which can sabotage your efforts:

One: A half-way commitment, not embracing the full potential of rebranding. Embrace the future and be aspirational. Face forward, strategize growth and new revenue streams. Your new brand should give you the elasticity to experience unrestrained growth.

Two: Poor leadership. Academic research documents strong leadership support is biggest contributor to rebranding success.

Three: Not investing fully – either time or resources. Expect rebranding to cost more than you originally assumed, both in terms of time and money. Plan thoroughly.

Avoid these missteps and you are more like to create a forward-facing organization loaded with opportunity.


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