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Forrester Reports Rebranding on the Rise Among B2B Companies


Forrester reports that with M&A activity at an all-time high and a coming post-pandemic brand strategy wave that rebranding is on the rise among B2B companies.

Ian Bruce writes:

"One of the most consequential and long-lasting decisions a marketing leader can make is to change the organization’s brand.

A brand’s messaging, positioning, and visual identity permeate all aspects of the company’s go-to-market activities and usually endure for many years. We frequently engage with clients on rebrands, helping them sort through the business justification and process steps using the Forrester Brand Lifecycle Framework as a guide. And based on my experience of client inquiries over 2021, the pace of rebranding is rising.

There are many reasons for the uptick in rebrands. One is that the volume of global M&A deals in 2021 hit an all-time high, with a staggering 62,000 transactions that exceeded $5 trillion in combined value for the first time. Large strategic deals are one of the prime triggers for reconsidering a brand, often because the value of the newly combined companies isn’t cleanly captured in the old brand identity.

A second reason for elevated levels of rebranding is the pandemic, which has refocused the minds of executives on the value a brand can bring to the business, with some finding that their brand is lacking. In Forrester’s 2021 Brand And Communications Survey, 54% of respondents stated that the pandemic would result in permanent changes to their brand strategy.

Read the full blog post here:


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