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24 Hours of Rebranding

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A look at the full rebranding process in 24 steps.

  1. Start with Why? Why do we need to rebrand, what are we hoping to accomplish?

  2. Build the business case on the advantages of rebranding, the costs of not.

  3. Build the right rebranding team with the appropriate voices at the table.

  4. Gain leadership alignment behind the initiative.

  5. Research to understand current equities you need to carry forward.

  6. Identify your key differentiators, your ownable reason for being.

  7. Stretch strategic and creative muscles to identify a new brand promise and name.

  8. Design a new logo and brand visual identify.

  9. Trademark you name and logo.

  10. Create a new brand story.

  11. Design a new customer experience to support the rebrand.

  12. Identify new on-brand behaviors.

  13. Secure new domains, build new website.

  14. Integrate new brand into employee recruitment and talent management systems.

  15. Safety check before launch that all audiences are aligned, leadership action plans ready.

  16. Utilize change management techniques to move audience from current to future state.

  17. Launch big. Switch to new brand on one day.

  18. Initiate new brand campaign.

  19. Make news of your announcement.

  20. Have leadership embody new brand behaviors.

  21. Engage your customers in the change.

  22. Tell a new story, bring the new brand to life.

  23. Nurture the new brand. Invest in building awareness and support.

  24. Relax. It can take a year or longer for audience to embrace the new brand.


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