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Rebranding Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is your career calling card, built over many years.

Dynamics change and it might be time to renew your personal brand:

  • Career change

  • Job change

  • Reinvent yourself

  • Be current in a rapidly changing digital economy

Here are key steps to relaunching a new personal brand:

Start With Your Equities

List all strengths and compare against interests to map future path.

Write Your New Story

A new brand requires a relevant and timely career narrative on the value you bring.

Determine Your Leadership Voice

How will you convey your experiences and potential?

Repackage Your Brand

It’s time to refresh your look and how you present yourself. Get a makeover, get in shape and try a fashion update.

Produce Brand Guidelines

Pick colors, images, new headshots and fonts that reflect your style and industry.

Store Up Energy

Rebranding requires energy, make sure you’re ready to invest.


On one day consistently switch to your new personal brand assets:

  • Headshots

  • Diagrams

  • New website and images

  • Update profiles

  • Join new organizations

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Thought leadership

  • New influencers to follow and meet

Create your forward-facing personal brand that positively propels your future success.


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